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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> aging america... the sacrifice growing children endure, to care for their parents >> i left my job as a lawyer... >> best ways to cope... my husband was like a single father... >> my mother said: "take care of dad" on al jazeera america >> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, welcome to the newshour. i'm in doha with your top stories. >> i'm barnaby phillips in kiev, where the government authority melted away and the president seemed to lose his grip on power. >> smiles turn to tears as the reunion ends for families in north and south korea who have been apart for decades. >> a special report for zimbabwe, where a country is struggling, where eight
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different currencies are in every day use. >> and from bali - less and less tuna is being caught due to overfishing. hello, ukraine's opposition claims that viktor yanukovych left the capital. his residents, 15km from kiev is empty and unguarded. in parliament mps are leaving to discuss the crisis now. the opposition wants viktor yanukovych to resign and elections to take place in may. protesters are still in independence square, as you can see, in kiev, despite a deal aimed at ending the crisis. >> translation: today president viktor yanukovych left the country and basically removed himself from fulfilling his duty as a president.
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no one knows whether he is. according to the constitution, in this case supreme counsel, he's going to make a decision to remove viktor yanukovych as president. we propose that viktor yanukovych resigns, and that will trigger early election. according to constitution, it should take place not later than 25 may. again, i would like to remind everyone, and ask everyone to remain calm. >> let's bring in barnaby phillips, joining us live from kiev. the opposition claiming the president left the country. any more clarity on viktor yanukovych's whereabouts? >> no. in fact, there are some people within the opposition who say that he hasn't left the country, but he's left the capital, left the capital kiev and gone to
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harq. >> -- harqiv and one of his loyalists gave the same information. that's the likely whereabouts of him. until he's made himself seen, we don't know. we can say with authority that there's no one iota of presidential power in kiev at the moment. there are no police on the streets. there's certainly no army involved. thank got if you go to the perimeter building, it is guarded by protesters, maybe i should call them revolutionaries, as you were saying, his own residence outside the capital is no longer guarded, neither is the presidential administration building, which is a few blocks away. protesters are wandering into it freely. it's a fluid situation. all we can say is that president viktor yanukovych's grip on
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power is tenuos. even that may be generous. >> would you say there's a power vacuum in at least kiev, and also what do we know about the meeting taking place, the parliamentary session. what are the mps discussing. what do we expect them to vote on, if anything? >> i would say by answering both questions, i think insofar as there is authority in kiev today, it does sit in the parliament, because at least it is meeting and functioning. it has a problem too. it doesn't have a quorum, it needs 300 members in order to pass legislationlation. the reason why it doesn't have a quorum is that many of the members of parliament who are l loyal to the president have not turned up. the opposition would like to press ahead for legislation for the impeachment of the
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president, remove from power - there may be constitutional difficulties. a new impeachment law needs to be signed by the president. that seems unlikely. other members of parliament that were loyal have defected in the last hour, and that the speaker of the parliament, who was loyal to the president resigned this morning, citing ill health. the opposition majority in parliament - their demand could be summed up in two lines - the president must go, elections must bet held as quickly as possible. >> stand by for a second. i want to tell the viewers about the opposition that you speak of, and the conflict in the ukraine united proleaders. look at the key figures leading the opposition. there's vitaly klitschko. heading the ukrainian alliance for reform.
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a pro-e.u. party campaigning against government corruption. he accused viktor yanukovych of nepoti nepotism. and effectively we in this man standing in for tymoschenko who was imprisoned for abuse of power. the leader of the freedom party, the far right political group. he promotes himself as a defender of ukrainian culture. lastly it's widely reported that there's another element at play, one that is extremely right wing and even neo-nazi. al jazeera's barnaby phillips will tell us about that.
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looking behind you demonstrators camped out. tell us about them. >> there are divisions between the many groups opposed to the president. that's been the case throughout the past three months. i would say over the last four days vitaly klitschko and another are the one that is have taken the initiative and been at the forefront. i have seen more of them and their supporters in the square than the rightist elements over the past few days. i think it's also clear that if the european union and the west have their way, that looks at isolating the right wing elements of the opposition, and promoting the e.u. elements. the fundamental point is
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absolutely correct that you're highlig highlighting it's not a highlighted opposition. there are soars regional subdivisions, and the crisis which is developing right now threatens exacerbating those regional divisions further. that is what is worrying people. yes, ultimately if some sort of new authority comes and and takes viktor yanukovych's case, will it be united, and will it be able to function, and nobody in ukraine knows that. >> thank you very much for the time being, barnaby phillips reporting from kiev in ukraine. >> pope francis is appointing 19 new cardinals, half non-europeans and many from south america. from brazil we report on the changing face of the college of cardinals in the catholic church. >> it's the celebration of rio
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de janeiro's patron saint. despite the heat, more and more people joined the procession. led by the city's archbishop. he is the newest cardinal from the world's most populist roman catholic nation, brazil. it follows a path similar to pope francis, in connecting with his parishioners. here, visiting a chapel in a hospital in a poor neighbour hood. the new pope changed the way priests relate to their flock. >> translation: i think pope francis speaks of a church that is closer to the people, and insent vates bishops and priests to get closer to ordinary people, listen to them and attend to them. >> this is one of six new cardinals from latin america and the caribbean named by pope
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francis. >> this priest co-wrote a book when archbishop and says it is not surprising. >> translation: there's a lot of room for latin america. that's the big message from the pope. that's the antagonism. in the last three decades latin america and brazil saw a mass exodus of disenchanted catholics, a trend that many believe is being reversed. >> i think the pope's visit to brazil reanimated us. many like me returned to the church. >> beyond his charisma and distain for wealth and privilege, it is perhaps pope francis's unprecedent efforts to change the power structure that captured the world's
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imagination. to assure that his efforts will outlive him, the pope is counting on his new card analyse to share his vision. >> let's cross over to rome. that's where pope francis is appointing 19 cardinals. the appointment - always an important event for a pope. this has a particularly important meaning. >> it is important for a couple of reasons. first of all, the choice of cardinals by any pope speaks volumes. type of of church that the church wants for himself. half of the 19 cardinals installed today are from outside of europe, and are - many are from developing countries. that is in line with pope francis's idea of a far-reaching church for the poor. importantly it is the highlight of an important - most important week for pope francis and the
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catholic church as a whole because in the last few days there has been meetings with the college of cardinals to discuss whether to rethink important topics in regards to the families, such as abortions, homosexuality, birth control - hot topics that, according to a poll that the pope has commissioned worldwide, believes catholics around the world showed they think the catholic church is outdated and out of touch with them. to talk about that i'm joined by mass imo franco, a journalist. he wrote a book about the vatican. these are issues engrained with the catholic church tradition. can pope francis and the card analyse change that. >> first of all, he changed the approach. on some topics, there will not be major changes.
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i think about divorce couples which can remarry. at least there is a debate in the church, and francis wants to approach this prop in a different way. this is a major novelty. we must not undervalued it. >> in the basilica benedict xvi is in there making one of the few appearances. some things his presence makes it more diff for pope francis to make changes at all. is this what you thing? >> who knows. nor sure it's a correction. the real risk is there's conservatives using against his risk, pope benedict, pope emeritus as an adversary of reforms of pope francis. this is a question mark for the papacy. >> thank you for joining us mass imo. this meeting was a run-up of an
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important meeting of college of bishops that will take place. issues will be discussed again, and important changes on the topics, such as homosexualitily or divorce or birth control may take place here in the institution that has made that the core of its teachings. >> thank you. >> lots more ahead on the al jazeera newshour, including syria suggesting a timetable to remove its chemical weapons as it misses another deadline. plus... >> i'm andrew thomas's on the south coast, with hopes that fish farming could be a way to save the southern blue fin tuna. >> in sport, two athletes sent packing from the sochi games after testing positive for a banned substance.
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>> first, corruption added to soaring rates of unemployment in zimbabwe. they use up it to eight currencies for legal tender. we have this report. >> this woman remembers using the defunct notes. the u.s. dollar is legal tender, along with the south african rand, the pulla from botswana and the british pound. using multiple currencies made goods available. but some say they can't avoid them. >> life is hard. unemployment - so therefore why go shopping, otherwise how you survive. >> zimbabwe had no currency of its own since 2009. the central bank allowed the use
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of the australian dollar, chinese jaun, indian rupee and japanese yen. government officials saying using more currencies is a good thing. some economists warn it will not solve economic problems. >> president robert mugabe turned 90. he's africa's oldest leader and there doesn't seem to be a plan for success. >> fractional infighting makes them nervous. policies are a concern for some. >> the zimbabwean economy is in a state. the issue is it's a major threat to the growth and development of this economy. it goes hand in hand. nowhere in the world will you see economy recovering without a
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significant chance of agility. >> zimbabwe's liquidity crisis saw businesses close. the unemployment rate is more than 80%. corruption when companies are at an all-time high. the government plays sanctions for the problem. some worry that the zimbabwe economy is in an irreperable state. >> some news just in, and state media in egypt reports that a court acquitted six policemen on charges relating to the 2011 uprising. they were on trial for killing 80 protesters. it included the head of security in the northern city of alexandria. the court in cairo adjourned the trial of three al jazeera journalists until 5 march. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy, and mohammed badr have been in prison for 56 days.
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they are accused of having links to a terrorist organization and spreading false news. al jazeera rejects the charges. another al jazeera journalist abdullah al-shami of the arabic channel has been held since august. he has been on a hunger strike for more than a month to protest his imprisonment. >> nig earian security officials seized the passport of a banker. he's been suspended and accused of the financial misconduct. he says he's targeted for exposing a multi billion fraud in the oil industry. >> pictures emerged from a boko haram attack. the gunmen destroying 1500 buildings and set hundreds of vehicles on fire. >> now, the weather with steph. it's a case of heavy weather making heavy pollution in china. >> all the pollution we have seen so frequently over china is back. it's thanks to the quiet whether
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that we are seeing. the satellite doesn't pick up a great deal of cloud. the problem is thanks to high pressure to the north of us. it ensures that the pollution at beijing is at hazardous levels, over 300. here we have 389. being the end of the day it's decreased a little bit. things are bad at the moment. the elderly and the young are advised to stay inside. it's thanks to high pressure in charge at the moment. it's centered to the north-east. it acts as a lid on the atmosphere. the air is descending, so the pollutants stay close to the ground. what you need to clear that pollution is a number of things. rain, strong winds or a change
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in the wind direction because in budget we have got mountains surrounding many of the sites. if the wind comes in from the east it drags in pol ute ants. it looks like there'll be no great change. >> thank you for that update. >> the syrian government submitted a plan to remove chemical weapons after missing another dead line. the typetable is inadequate -- timetable is inadequate, accusing syria of dragging its feet. >> damascus wants another 100 days to remove its biological and chemical weapons and hand them over to a u.n. led mission. the plan was cut forward at a meeting between the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and u.n. officials at the hague. the o.p.c.w. will not comment on syria's timetable. western diplomats say they are concerned. so far the assad government transferred about 11% of its arsenal and is behind schedule.
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>> if we can get 50, 75, whatever percent of the chemical weapon out of syria, it's a huge policy victory. the other alternative was military action that president obama was considering, and that would have gone after production facilities. it's easy to bomb buildings, but we would not get the chemical weapons. >> syria missed a couple of d d deadlines. the most poisonous chemicals were supposed to be handed over by 31 december, and stocks weapons by january 5th. that has come and gone. 30th june is approaching, by which time all chemicals are supposed to be destroyed. >> the syrian government cited security problems inside the
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country as being behind the delays mu delays. >> the security situation is one in most cases created by the problems the government is fostering. there's certainly purely some understanding of this. but there has been delay really throughout this. it raises questions about the sincerity of the government. >> the next deadline is march 15th, by which time all 12 of the weapons have to be destroyed. missing that date could cause the security council to take unilateral action. >> fresh from an important part of the daily diet - form, rather, part of the daily diet. increased fishing has caused depletion of stocks. one billion people rely on fish
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as the pain source of protein. in 1970, the worldate 40 million tonnes of fish. by 2010 it swerld three times. 30%. world's ocean fish stocks are deploted, overexploited. blue fin tuna is one fish, supplies depleted by 969%. we have this report on indonesia's islands. >> this is a remote part of indonesia. they are facing monsoon rains. this is the heart of the coral triangle. most species of fish and corals are found right here. basically if you go down there you find paradise. it's been paradise for fishermen and divers. recently the situation is changing. both are not going out as often
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as they did before. the boats here, has been docked already for three months. they can hard by find fish. as you see in our report. beer has a line and hook. for generations this fisherman made a living here. fish don't bite that easily any more. >> translation: five years ago when we used paddle boats, we caught up to 700 fish in one night. now it's not more than 50. aggressive and illegal methods are used to catch fish. many admit they use explosives and don't want their identity to be revealed. >> translation: i feel guilty using the illegal methods. if we use lines we don't catch
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enough to earn a living and send brothers and sisters to use. despite desperate measures, they'll can't compete with the big boats. they have to travel further to find tuna. >> they sale to far away corners of the ocean. but in the next five years, they are afraid they will not find any more. if nothing is being done to stop the fishing, it won't be just their livelihoods, but their children and grandchildren. the effect of overfishing becomes clear at that harbour. most of the tuna flee is docked. the result of years of aggressive fishing techniques using enormous nets. >> translation: with these boats using nets it's traditional boats out of business. boats docked not working, there is no fish.
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>> millions of indonesians depend on fish for income and nutrition. the government has introduced marine protected area. fish populations will grow back. this might be too little and too late. with aggressive fishing techniques, traditional fisherman only have a slim chance to pass on skills. >> in an effort to protect the fish stock indonesia established 107 marine protected areas. only three of them are effective, and major problems are corruption and a lack of law enforcement. a lot more needs to be done. more creative solutions has to be done. as you can see in a report by andrew thom os. >> these fish are being taken out to see. the pilchards and sea and sudden
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blue fin tuna anchored offshore. farm ranching, we are just starting the fattening protest. hundreds of thousands of tuna are caught in nets, dragged closer to land. they are fed and will double in size. international quota limits how much fish can be taken in the first place. those in the tuna industry say after decades of overfishing that means this is sustainable fishing. to the academy of environmental groups who say southern blue fin tuna numbers are critical, the quota for tuna ranching has been increased. >> it's an amazing site. the majority of the tune ain this pen will be sold into japan. there an average fish fetches
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$600. that makes the tuna well over a million dollars. >> as the numbers eating fish increase, not enough to save the fish. at current levels it's sustainable, not as demand increases. the village idiot can wear those. if you push up towards $9 billion, the fish has to come from somewhere, and the fish can't come out of the ocean any more. >> so at a facility on the south coast, scientists are trying to farm tuna. >> the ultimate ambitious is to farm tuna from juveniles produced in our hatcheries. tests failed, but there is confidence that it's possible. kink fish produced are among the
5:29 am
species farmed for years. it wouldn't be much of a life, but if the fish could be farmed, it could save the species, meeting ever-increasing demands. >> 5 million fishermen around the region are dependent on fish for their survival, making sure that their livelihoods are safe for the future and grandchildren. a lot more needs to be done to turn the tide. >> you are with the al jazeera newshour. and why being a police officer in afghanistan is the most dangerous job in the country. defense back on track. jo will have all the details a little later. ♪
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>> hello again, you are with the al jazeera newshour. in ukraine's parliament a member of the opposition said viktor yanukovych has left the capital. his office is being guarded by anti-government demonstrators. the president is believed to be in the nearby city of kark. >> ev. syria submitted a new proposal to suspend chemical weapons within 100 days. the deadline passed on january the 5th. he has transferred about 11% of its total arsenal. nigeria's government seized the passport of the former central bank governor. he was sacked, and said he was targeted for exposing the loss
5:32 am
of $20 billion. >> more on the top story. much of the action in the ukraine may be centered around kiev, in the western city, memorials were hold on friday night for protesters that died in the violence. david chater reports. >> they call them the marters of mayd maydan, the long journey over, a homecoming for the first of the city's victims. the coffin lid remained over their bodies to protect them from the rain. the crowd's gathered to pay their respect and showed a tribute. heroes never die. it could do little to lessan the shock and dismay of greeffing families. still struggling to come to terms with events that changed their lives forever. the people of the city are in
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open revolt against viktor yanukovych - they stood in solidarity with the protesters at kiev. not sure at the lopping struggle to defeat him, if it is yet over. the headquarters of the regional council has been transformed since the last visit to the city. the barricades have gone, protesters with the range of power inside. there we found the leader of the newly formed people's council chairing a meeting to sort out the problems of the city. the officials report to him. he assumed fuel responsibility for the fate of the region and its citizens. we found ukraine's former education minister, worried about the strains. there is a real denger. we had deputies meeting to discuss separating from the country. six police stations have been ransacked by the
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protesters. self-defence forces have been sent in to clear them up and hand them back. not everything is being restored. a soviet police poster is warning that walls have ears. the safes have been broken open. as many as 500 handguns have been stolen from police arsenals over the last few days. >> outside the station we found contempt. we don't see the points of negotiation or truce. i want to see them all at the international court. they should get the death penalty. >> such radical sentiments may be isolated here. the danger of a return to violence cannot be ruled out. >> the president of venezuela, nicolas maduro, offered to talk to student leaders to end weeks of unrest there. eight people died in
5:35 am
demonstrations over rising costs and crime levels. nicolas maduro has blamed foreign interference and challenged the u.s. to take part in hi level courts. gaoled opposition leader leopoldo lopez is calling for demonstrations to continue, but calls for them in a peaceful manner. the unrest began on the western border, in the western border state. the government sent soldiers and the national guard to patrol the streets. central service, including electricity, has been cut. the mayor of the city criticised the move. >> translation: we do not understand the war actions. the people are under attack and terrorized by the government. there's no sense to this. >> from the center of economic policy research. nicolas maduro enjoys strong support across the region.
5:36 am
>> argentina, brazil, uruguay, paraguay and venezuela put out a statement strongly supportive of the government, and individual companies like argentina, ecuador and others. most of the region sees it as it's described. it's another attempt to overthrow the government and the u.s. is funding the opposition and really wants to see this succeed. they see is in regional political terms. the united states has been fighting them for the past 16 years, and destabilising some and getting rid of a couple. that's how they see it, and what their main concern is. >> construction on the panama canal expansion resumed after a row over the costs. the work stopped two weeks ago because of a standoff between the panama canal authority and the spanish construction
5:37 am
company. mexico surpassed japan as a supplier of cars to the united states. a honda plant opened accelerating the country to the secon second-largest car exploiter. mexico is set to be number one by the end of 2015. >> there has been a dramatic fall in the number of afghan police killed and injured on duty. despite the drop though, it remains one of the most dangerous in the country as bernard smith reports. >> for much of the past six years this has been his lich. lying, face down in a bare room. former police officer was par lived by shrapnel after his pick-up truck hit a roadside bomb. >> translation: oi endured so much pain and tragedy. for the past six years my wife, god bless her, who turns me over
5:38 am
and nurses me. after god she's the only person who cares. i can't even use the bathroom. >> he joined the police as a 22-year-old. he says he wanted to serve his country. he was flown to india for surgery. doctors couldn't help him. last year 80 officers were killed every week. another 3,000 were injured according to the government. he used to tell us terrible stories from the front line, the dangers of the job. he said as long as i'm alive i will serve my country. while he was healthy the government used him. now he's wounded and paralyzed, they don't care about him. abdual wants treatment in the u.s. or europe. it will cost tens of thousands. in reality, this is how he'll be for the rest of his life. >> the afghan government says
5:39 am
that during the past six months the number of police casualties has fallen from up to 20 a day to around three or four. they put that down to providing reinforcements to provide -- during attacks. it's a dangerous procession faced with an enemy wanting to below them all up. >> the u.n. is expressing concern over executions in iran. the human rights office said 87 were put to death. most for drug-related offenses. more than 600 were executed in iran. an explosion in the capital injured at least six people in thailand. several cars were damaged. the injured were rushed to hospital. it was caused by a grenade. anti-government protesters
5:40 am
demonstrated since november. they called for the prime minister to resign. the u.s. city of detroit submitted a plan. it wants to settle its $8 billion debt by making cuts to pensions and spending. the plan needs approval from a judge. bisi onile-ere reports. >> destroyed has a plan to dig itself out of bankruptcy. facing $18 billion, out of debt. kevyn orr filed a plan calling for cuts to retirees, banks and bond holders. it posed pension checks be cut 34%. police and fire retirees would see a 10% reduction in pensions. the plan is subject to approval by a bankruptcy judge and will undergo appeals. but donald smith who worked
5:41 am
30 years says any cut to his pension will hurt. he received an $800 pension check under orr's proposal that would drop to $500. >> this makes a drastic effect on me, i can't even imagine how i will make it from day to day. that's the truth. it's not just the 34% hit, there's an incremental hit in the amount it will pay in excess of what the city gives them, to subsidise their health care. creditors are feeling the squeeze, kevin orr is proposing to pay them $0.20 on the dollar of the money to which they are owed. orr's proposal ignited opposition and eased fears. city-owned art is spared under the plan, thanks in part to money offered by the state and
5:42 am
private donations, and along with the kates are investments, kevin orr processes investment. this means more funding to improve fire, lighting and blight removal. city retirees like smith are expected to put up a fight. >> i'm angry to think that people don't mean anything any more. >> the deal is far from fun. negotiations between the city and its creditors will continue. kevin orr's plan will look different by the time it reaches the judge for final approval. >> heavy rains and melting ice are causing flooding in parts of the united states. rescue crews have been helping those stranded in indiana after homes were destroyed. on the east coast risele water caused evacuations in fairfield.
5:43 am
>> italy's center-left leader matteo renzi is due to be sworn in as prime minister. the youngest ever prime minister. he's presented his cabinet lip-up to the president. the new government is expected to face a confidence vote in porment. still to come - marijuana may be legal. we'll hear why it's a dangerous business. jo will be here with all the latest sports news, including graham mcdowell, the comeback king. details coming up in a moment.
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>> hello again. marijuana producers in the state of colorado declared their
5:46 am
contributions. selling the drug was legal last month. retail was expected to reach $100 million this year alone. transferring the cash was risky. when you pay your taxes, do you hire combat veterans to keep thieves from stealing your money? you do if you own a marijuana dispensary. >> biggal's team is the muscle for nervous store owners, hired to transport tens of thousands every day. there's guys in a dark vehicle looking out. >> february 20th is the first day state and retail marijuana taxes are due. hundreds of pot shots are paying the tax bill. hundreds of thousands each, all in cash, because federal laws will not allow them to have bank
5:47 am
acts. it will be a lot of cash going to the state and city building. al-burke is big al. dispensaries like light shade labs turned to him when armoured car companies found the job too risky. you have grown five fold because these places need your help. light shade labs will join denver's marijuana shops selling pot retail. along with that comes a pile of cash, and following that nerves. >> it's like growing tomatoes, but the crop it yields is more profitable. >> these plants are worth thousands. to protect the crop and cash, security has no blindspots. >> they are being regarded no matter what you do or say. the second thing we have is panic buttons. we have standard operation procedures where we can shut the entire dispensary down like
5:48 am
that. >> denver man, michael hancock is nervous. despite the fact that the mile-high city will wreak millions, he sees the cash as a safety problem for the city's employees. i'm concerned when large amounts of cash come into the city. >> how much are we talking? >> $50,000 in cash by some owners. >> stan, from big alsecurity left light shade loaded with thousands in cash. they asked us not to say how much much one day's take from one of colorado's 400 potshots. >> jo is here with the sports news and the latest from sochi. >> yes, there has been more doping drama. italian team kicked out bobsledder william frullani, and a german athlete has been sent
5:49 am
home. the two-time olympic champion tested positive for a banned substance. the b sample was also positive. >> translation: the news shocked us and put a strain on the atmosphere in the team. we are for doping-free sports and zero politics. on these principles we acted ahead of the games, during the agreement and now have taken fast and appropriate action and accordance with the athlete's agreement with the athlete and others in the team. we have excluded her out of the team. >> south korea put in a protest over the women's figure skating results, believing the judging was biassed costing a gold medal. the champion finished with silver. sotnikova landed seven jumps to
5:50 am
six from the south korean. many commented on her lack of artistic performance. >> a medal has been awarded on the penultimate day of the games. the cross-country 30km start was won. glinching a sixth olympic gold medal. leading a one, two, three finish. gold medals will be given out at the women's and men's slalom competition. attention turned to the ice where the speed skating team are expected to give netherlands a fight for the men's pursuit gold. norwegian biathlete will be going for a record nintsds gold medal in the final olympics when he leads the men's relay team. the uas take on finland and the men's slalom rounds out the medals on offer. we'll head to the website to
5:51 am
check out a blog. check out al >> manchester united's wayne rooney has become the top earner, after smining a multi-million contract keeping him at the club until 2019. the $5.5 million deal is worth half a million. he has been with the club since 2004. they lined seventh place. chelsea begins on saturday. arsenal are a point goodnight london rivals. >> barcelona's president backs the signing of neymar and have no regrets over how the signing was handled. they did not declare the full amount of neymar's transfer.
5:52 am
it's not often that this football club is on the defensive. but spanish champions fc barcelona are straight to avoid public humiliation over the neymar transfer scandal. a judge in spain charged the club with infringement against the tax authorities. that's tax fraud and relates to the signing of 22-year-old brazilian superstar neymar. john barasso refused to reveal the details of the view. citing the agreement with neymar's family. he cost them $100 million, claiming the deal was worth under $80 million. of that sum, only 23 million went to nay mar's former club santos in braz ilt. $5 million was passed through a company owned by nay mar's father. what is wrong with that.
5:53 am
we talk to a tax expert in spain. >> translation: the spanish courts took legal action against barcelona for defrauding money on the signing of neymar. the courts suspected they didn't declare the full amount of the price in board not to pay taxes. >> the neymar signing forced the resignation of rosso. he stepped down as president to protect the club's image. neymar, for his part used social media platforms to speak in defense of his father. the manager defended him. >> sometimes one suffers in silence. not in his every day life to know how he feels. he looks okay. >> the colourful case continues. >> john barasso get back to the
5:54 am
business of chasing the spanish stilt. john barasso play real socio dad. >> at the other end of the table, an equalizer. in italy roma can move to within six points of the juventus. they'll need to bet bolonnia who sit 16th. >> south africa's cricketers are piling the pressure on australia. they started 112/4. they are 205/8 at lunch, 218 runs behind. >> defending champions wales put themselves in contention in the six nations championships, after a 27-6 win.
5:55 am
the hosts got off to the perfect start with a try after five minutes. lee halve penny put them up 25-6, finishing with 17 points. a converted try seals the 27-6 victory. wales going above france in the standings. england host ireland looking to secure the triple crown. a win for england see them level on points. still in the hunt, after wins again against. two games left. >> there's a trophy on the line, and it's difficult to win triple crimes. as i said, the games away from home are difficult to win. it's been a while.
5:56 am
we haven't properly fulfilled our potential. we have put a couple of good games together, and everywhere to win tomorrow. it would be a good step in the right direction. >> that is the second of two matches. they be looking for the first win since 2006. on to golf and northern island mcdowell pulled off a win to reach the quarterfinals. for the third consecutive match, he was 2-down. only to level things to force extra holes. it took until the 21st to be decided. it was enough to give him victory. louie oouzhazen. he acknowledged and won 5-4 to reach the quarters. >> they cruised to the
5:57 am
semifinals. the world number one competing since injuring himself. he brushed past portugal 6-1, 6-0 and faces fellow spaniard next. >> serena williams missed a chance to set up a final with her sister venus in dubai. going down to frenchwoman elise korna. that is the sport for now. >> see you later. thank you. >> australians police arrested a british tourist for stealing a rare pink diamond. he was caught at melbourne as he tried to leave the country. there's no trace of the $180,000 diamond. police x-rayed osbourne in case he swoloed it. defendants were inconclusive. more news in a few moments on al
5:58 am
jazeera. stay with us.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> ukraine's president has reportedly left the capital as parliament debates a deal to end the uprising. >> i call for a dialogue between you, obama, between the patriotic revolutionaries. you can designate kerry, or whoever you want. >> this as nicolas maduro called for talks. d


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